Most realistic, effective and up-to-date self-defense system.
Krav Maga Training Private Lessons



Students may choose to form a group or seek individual Krav Maga instruction to excel and master self-defense techniques at their own pace. We offer a unique opportunity to work in a small group, tailored to the needs education environment that builds knowledge and confidence.



Our women empowerment programs promote situational awareness and intuition as tools of avoidance of potentially dangerous confrontations and assaults. We also teach to find the inner strength to face and fight the attacker, not allowing themselves to be victimized. Through rigorous physical training and emotional encouragement, our students learn to find the mental “fight mode” switch to defend the attack and get to safety as soon as possible.

Self-Defense for Women in Poway, CA

Corporate Team Building, San Diego and Poway



Corporate Outreach Seminars concentrate on empowering employees, teamwork, energizing employees for higher performance. Also, we address workplace safety issues, introducing soft techniques of conflict resolution.



This program addresses bullying and abduction. Many kids get conflicting messages from schools and the society demanding of kids non-violent behavior to confrontations. However, when children are faced with imminent threats to their physical safety, they are at a loss for directive and support. We empower and teach kids to react to the threats, stand their ground, and escape to safety as soon as possible. Many techniques are drilled as muscle memories, so the defenses are performed naturally under stress. Also, we address and rehearse realistic abduction scenarios in parking lots, cars, public places, school zones.

Anti-Bullying for kids


You don’t need to be in shape; you don’t need experience, you’re not too old, you need heart, KRAVolution, and Alpha Force Krav Maga. Try our two-week unlimited training for $39

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